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If you are from the USA, you know that Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are both popular fast-food restaurant chain franchises. Earlier, they were operating separately, but in 1997, they merged with CKE Holdings. The merger made them the biggest chain of restaurants in the country. If you do not know about the history of each store, then you must read it as it is quite interesting.

Carl’s Jr.

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About Carl's Jr

Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret Karcher started this company in 1941. During WWII, they first opened a hotdog stand in Los Angeles. Later the initiative turned into a firm. In 1956, Carl and Margaret registered their firm as Carl’s Jr. For many years; the company increased its number of stores. Today, you will find 1490 stores operating around the world.

It was the story of a husband and wife starting a company and ensuring it reaches the world.


Hardee’s has a different background story. Wilber Hardee first opened his restaurant in 1960. The location he preferred was Greenville, North Carolina. Customers who visited the store appreciated the food quality and service. Within a year, the story became very popular among customers. Due to unexpected events, Wilber lost total control of the company, and his Associates Leonard Rawls and James Gardner benefited greatly. Wilber lost the company in a poker game. Even after such an event, it seemed that there was no effect on food quality or services.

Hardee’s today has stores across 5000 locations. The company’s management is good and provides amazing culinary franchises to those who want to join and tell their success stories.

Both stores invite their customers to participate in a survey at After taking this survey, there’s a chance to win $1000.

Carl’s Jr. has a long history of being in the restaurant chain. It has been around for many decades. After CKE Holdings purchased this food chain, it got so many advantages. Another popular name in the food chain was Hardee’s, which already had an established global network. So, combining these two companies and some other small food businesses, CKE Holdings started big and gave several franchises to business-oriented people.

CKE Holdings is a large corporation, and there have been some management issues because of its sheer size. Because of some positive managerial decisions, the company developed a survey initiative called TellHappyStar. This survey applies to the top restaurant chain brands, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

The survey is open to all the stores’ customers online at You can take the survey anytime and anywhere if you have a smartphone or computer with internet access. I have included all the details about the receipt survey.

Tellhappystar Survey Requirements

  • You must need a valid receipt for the survey. 
  • The receipt must be 7 days old. 
  • You must not take the survey if you are below 18. 
  • You must have visited Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr. stores. 
  • Please take the survey on its official Tell Happy Star website. 
  • Use any standard device such as a smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet. 
  • You will require good internet access.
  • You’ll get two options for survey language; English and Spanish.

How to Participate in Tellhappystar Survey

  • Visit Hardee’s survey website at to participate in the official survey.
  • Choose your preferred language from English or Spanish.
  • Enter agency number, date/time of visit, and select your age from receipt
tellhappystar receipt survey
  • Click on ‘START‘ to start the search.
  • Now that the searching is started, rate your overall compliance on scale from Complete to Very Satisfactory.
  • Apache the ‘NEXT‘.
  • Answer all survey questions honestly based on the your experience at restaurant
  • Survey questions would be related to food type, staff behavior, administration, travel time, and everything else.
  • Click on “NEXT” to complete the survey.
  • Finally, you will receive a validation code that you need to save and use on your next visit to receive the free offer at restaurant.