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Hello, friends! Do you regularly go to Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s? Have you visited any of the mentioned for the first time? How was your first visit? How about I introduce you to an excellent opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings about the store and suggest some improvement ideas? If you participate in the Tellhappystar Receipt Survey, you will get a great platform to express your honest feedback, and in return, you will get a free food coupon. 

The Receipt Survey is the best way the customer can express their ideas easily about the store in less than 5 minutes.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are well-known brands in the United States of America. It is popular for providing great cuisine to the customers. The store invites you to participate and share your genuine experience with the store. You will need to go to customer survey website for it. To reward your efforts, the brand gives you a chance to win great prizes once you complete the survey.

If you are still not convinced to take the survey, please read the article and find meaningful details. You will find all the information about the survey and how to take it.

Why Conduct the Tellhappystar Survey?

conduct tellhappystar survey
  • If you don’t know the purpose of the Receipt Survey, you cannot find it in the survey’s title. The company Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have distinct logos and names for this survey. As a restaurant owner, the management team came up with a different idea to name the survey. So, if the survey puts a smile on your face, the restaurant will consider they have succeeded.
  • Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s pay attention to the details you provide in your answers. They will only pick the best answer from all the responses and ensure that answer is genuine and accurate. 
  • The team will personally review the feedback from the receipt customer survey, provide instructions to supervisors, and confirm the conditions and difficulties of the outlet. If the issues are genuine, the management will tell them to start implementing the changes.
  • is a very simple-to-understand website. It is easy to navigate to find the appropriate options. The UI is user-friendly, and the site is very well-optimized. 
  • Once the user completes the survey, it immediately opens the sweepstakes entry screen. On this page, there are incredible grand prizes for the lucky winners. If you cannot guess it, then let me tell you. You get to win a Grand prize of a total of $1000.

About the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s

Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s restaurants both are two different restaurant chains. But the parent company of both of them is CKE Restaurants.

About Carl's Jr. and Hardee's

Carl’s Jr. first started in 1941. The founders were Carl and Margaret Karcher. Currently, the company is based in Franklin, Tennessee. The franchise has many locations across the United States and Canada.

Hardee’s fast food restaurant company has a different story. Wilbur Hardee first started this company in 1960. The current head office of these companies is in Franklin, Tennessee. It also has franchises in 10 countries. 

You will find more of the stores located in the Southern as well as the Midwestern United States.

Both of the stores may feel similar, but they are quite different. They have different menu items and different marketing logos. After 2018, both companies followed different tactics for expansion. The parent company must have been the reason for understanding that there should be a difference between both brands.

Hardee’s started focusing on menu items, including sweet it and spicy chicken biscuits. It introduced the items in Southern parts of the country.

It also plans to introduce new items for the customers. 

Carl’s Jr. has also introduced new items like Western Fries and Vegan Beyond MeatBurger. Each restaurant will have more distinct menu items, such as homemade biscuits and thick burgers. The food items and their taste differ in both restaurants. They now focus on different approaches but the usual happy Star logo.

Tellhappystar Survey Details

Survey NameHardee’s Survey
Survey RewardFree Coupon Code
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
LocationUnited States of America
Age18 and Above
Survey ProcessOnline

Requirements for Receipt Survey

To check your eligibility for the Tellhappystar Receipt Survey, you must fulfil all the requirements below. 

  • The Tellhappystar Survey is only available in two languages; English and Spanish. 
  • You must be a US citizen to take the Tellhappystar Survey. 
  • Your age must be at least 18 or above. Anyone participating in the sweepstakes. 
  • You must have visited other Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s stores. 
  • You can only win the Tellhappystar rewards online. 
  • To access the Tellhappystar Survey, 
  • You must have the ability to your recent interaction with the store. 
  • Do not provide the wrong or fake answers because it will get you rejected immediately.
  • For the survey, you must have good internet, a smartphone, or a computer. Receipt Survey Restrictions

Just like requirements, you must also pay attention to the restrictions of the survey. If you do not follow the restrictions, you may get a chance of rejection before you can start the survey.

  • If you work at Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s, you cannot participate in the Tellhappystar customer survey. 
  • If you work at CKE Holdings, you can also not participate in the survey.
  • Your immediate family members are prohibited from taking the survey.
  • The investors and promoters of CKE cannot participate in the survey. 
  • Your receipt must be valid. If it has no invitation code, you will get disqualified.
  • The survey receipt that you have must not be older than 7 days.
  • The price or freebies you get after the Tellhappystar guest feedback survey is only valid for 30 days.
  • There is no option for getting rewards in cash or any other substitute. 
  • Only the lucky winners will get $1000. 
  • Only the winner will keep the prize, and he cannot transfer it to anybody.

Tellhappystar Receipt Survey Steps

You must follow certain steps to take the survey and complete it as soon as possible. The below step will ensure your participation in the Tellhappystar Receipt Survey and increase your chances of winning the rewards.

Tellhappystar Receipt Survey
  • The above survey page will open on your screen.
  • Please enter your store number from the receipt. 
  • Then enter your visit date in the given MM DD YYYY format. 
  • Check your receipt and enter your time.
  • Confirm your age by clicking “Yes.”
  • Don’t forget to choose your favorite language. 
  • Now, you will see different questions on your screen about Carl’s Jr. stores and Hardee’s
  • This question will be about your experience with the store.
  • Please remember your visit and respond to the questions honestly. Keep in mind that your answers must be useful to the company. 
  • Complete all the questions. Reach the last page of the survey. 
  • There will be a short form which you need to fill out with your contact information. 
  • Now you will get a validation code. Write that code down on the receipt. Keep your receipt safe for future redemption at any Carl’s Jr. stores or Hardee’s stores. 
  • Please remember that the code will expire within the next 30 days. So, you must redeem it before expiration.

What are the Rewards of the Tellhappystar Survey?

tellhappystar survey rewards

You must know the rewards of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Survey. But you can read them below to understand what you stand to win at the end.

  • After completing the survey, you have a great chance to win a small drink, a small fry or a hashbrown from the applicable stories.
  • Participation in sweepstakes will get you $1000.

Note: The survey rewards may change over time. But you are only entitled to get the reward or prize written on your receipt. Therefore, you must always ensure that once you complete the survey, you write the correct code on the receipt.

What do the customers have to say about Tellhappystar Feedback Survey?

  • The customers find the receipt survey as a very encouraging, engaging, and enjoyable way to allow customers to share their opinions.
  • Customers say they like the survey, but they are limited to only one receipt for one survey.
  • Customers further say that it takes time, and only one person must complete the survey.
  • The customer can not get anybody else to participate in the survey on their behalf. 
  • No family members or friends can participate in the survey or even help.
  • The store often rejected the customers even after showing the 7 day old receipt. They could not find a response to the rejection.
  • Many customers are dissatisfied because they do not receive gift cards or rewards.
  • Sometimes the coupon code doesn’t work in stores, and the customer finds it very inconvenient.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Contact and Support Details

While taking the survey, people usually have to follow the steps. But often, some people cannot access the website, or they do not have a valid receipt. The customer may struggle to verify if the receipt is genuine and if all the website links are authentic. To confirm certain details, the need to rely on the customer support team. 

  • Mail address to Carl’s Jr. Company and Hardee’s – CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc.,6700 Tower Circle, Suite-1000, Franklin, TN-37067
  • Contact Number: +1-877-799-7827

Tellhappystar Social Accounts

Carl’s Jr.Hardee’s

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. Nearby Stores Location

Carl’s Jr.

  • If you are interested in finding any nearby location of Carl’s Jr. to enjoy some delicious food items, please click this link –
  • Here, you must enter your Zip code. City or State details. You can also turn on your GPS to find nearby locations.


  • If you are searching for a nearby Hardee’s store to eat, please use this link –
  • Please enter your Zip code, City, and State details.


I am sure you got everything from this article about Carl’s Jr. restaurant and Hardee’s restaurant survey. The Customer satisfaction survey is available at It welcomes you if you live in the United States of America. If you fulfil all the other requirements, such as 18 years old, and have read all the requirements and restrictions, you will have no trouble participating.

After filling out the Tellhappystar Survey, you will be eligible for free food at any of the Carl’s Jr. Restaurants or Hardee’s restaurant stores.

To find more relevant Details about the service, keep searching our website, and you will find interesting articles.

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