How to Access DGME Login & Dollar General Paystub Portal? [2023]

If you want to manage your work schedule at Dollar General and get all the work details, then you must DGME Login. If you find it hard to manage all your work, then you can access the DGME portal and find all the relevant details.

The Dollar General Employee Login helps the employees to manage all the payment details like payroll, details about the job, W2s, pay stubs and other details.

Dollar General cares about the workers and thinks better about their overall productivity. Also, the company wants to improve the workflow and save time to focus on profitability. Dollar General Dgme Login is an excellent initiative from the company for its employees. 

What is DGME Login?

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We all know that workplaces can be stressful sometimes. The reason for this may be related to many factors, but we all can agree that it is because of the poor work system. 

There are so many other factors that we can think about when it comes to dissatisfaction at the workplace.

The employees had to connect to the manager work-related queries, payment details, details about the following day’s schedule, getting statements of the work, and many more. This system was slow and did not allow the company employees to do the work during work hours. 

There was also a problem with the managers delegating work and responsibilities to the team members. It took time, and often team members would miss understanding the instruction. 

All of these issues are common for many companies. The company then decided to launch the DGME employee portal.

What are the DGME Portal Benefits?

  • Find the relevant details about the work schedule. 
  • Get the documents such as W2s.
  • Access your DGME Paystubs. 
  • Check the insurance details and benefits.
  • Find out about the legal benefits. 
  • Get the benefits of supplement insurance. 
  • You can check your retirement savings plans 
  • Find out the details about annual bonus pay.
  • Check the details about Identity Theft Protection and related benefits 
  • Check the opportunities for investment for retirement
  • Get all the details about the FSA – Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Check eligibility for short-term and long-term disability.
  • Get DG Day Dress details. 
  • Find out about the paid leaves, vacations, and holidays.
  • You can find the details about your annual bonus pay.
  • Check and find the reward program.
  • Look for the details about the competitive pay 
  • You get legal benefits using the details. 

The portal users are employees and usually check about the compensation they would get at the end of the month. All the other functions work as a bonus that does the work. 

How to Register for the DGME Portal?

If you are a first-time user and do not know how to get your login details, then please do the following,

click on first time user in dgme login page
  • Now on this portal, please click the “First Time User? – Register Now” link.
  • It will open a “New Registration” page.
register for dgme portal login account
  • On this page, there will be Employee ID details.
  • Then there is Legal First Name.
  • Provide your SSN. Please enter only the last 4.
  • Add your Birth’s month, then day and year.
  • Click the Submit button for review and approval.

Tip: Please provide all the authentic details in the blanks because the company will verify and approve it. 

Requirements for DGME Login

  • To connect to the DGME Online Portal, you will need its official URL.
  • Update your browser’s current version to the latest. 
  • You will need Dollar General Dgme Login valid username details and password.
  • Find a PC, Smartphone, or any other device to connect the device.
  • You need great internet with speed.

How to Login to DGME Account at Dollar General Employee Login portal

You can log in to the employee portal of DG if you have valid portal access details. Once you have the details, you can load the main screen of your DGME Account page and get all the relevant details. Please have your login credentials with you before logging into the portal.

login to dgme account
  • Check your Employee ID (EID) and add it to the portal.
  • Add your Name Initials in the next empty box.
  • Then, you can add your password details.
  • After adding these, you can click the Login button.

How to Reset Dollar General Employee Portal Login Password?

You need your official Dollar General Employee portal password to access the account. Using the below steps, you can reset your official Dollar General Portal password,

  • For the password reset process, please open Dollar General Employee Portal Login Page.
forgot dollar general employee login password
  • Now please open the Forgot Password Option.
  • On this Reset Password page, you will need to insert all the details.
reset dgme login password
  • Start the reset process by writing your Employee ID.
  • Then please add your First Legal Name.
  • Please add your 4 Last digits of SSN.
  • Add your Birth, Day, and Year.
  • Submit the process.

How to Find an EID if you do not know it?

You can look it up when you do not know about EID. Make use of the following steps and ensure that you have logged in to your account.

  • Please open this link
find dgme eid
  • Now find the title “If you do not know about EID, look it up here.”
  • Please reload the page if it shows an error.
  • On this page, you can easily add up the details.
  • Now please start adding the details as per the above image.
  • Add your First legal name.
  • Please add the month, day, and year next.
  • Now, please add the year in which the company hired you.
  • Now please add your Last 4 numbers to your SSN.
  • Click Submit below.

How to Access Dollar General Coupon Login

If you have a coupon for DG, then please follow the coupon login steps below,

dollar general coupon login
  • Enter your official phone number or Email.
  • Provide your password.
  • Then click on “Sign In.
  • Wait till your account appears on your screen.

Tip: If you do not have a Dollar General Coupon account, register using the “Create Account” option. You can also Reset your password on the page using the appropriate option.

What is Dollar General?

Dollar General is a well-known American brand. It is a chain of stores that provides impressive products from recognized brands such as Procter and Gamble, Energizer, Unilever, Coca-Cola, etc. If you like to buy the items for regular use, you will also find them in the store.

what is dollar general

A family owns a DG store chain and provides the best retail options.

In 1939, the company came into existence as “JL Turner and Son.” Later, the company changed its name to Dollar General. 

The company is located in Hawaii, Montana, Alaska, and the United States. There are hundreds of thousands of employees working at the store.

Dollar General Contact Details

If you are unable to find the solution for the troubles, you will have to use the contact details that I have listed below,


Please pay attention to all the steps I mentioned in this article about logging into Dollar General Online Portal. All of the above details will help you check the details of your portal. Keep your Dollar General Dgme Login details with you safely. 

I have also included the sequence of password reset and steps in case you lose your EID. You can look it up on the website and find it. 

DGME’s online employee portal helps employees access beneficial details to manage their work easily online. From getting payment-related details about your essential workplace documents, schedules for work, and other details. 

If you are a first-time employee in the store, then the details I have mentioned will help you get all the features on a single platform. 

Please refer to the steps in case you have any trouble. Use the contact details of the company.

For my help related to this article and other suggestions, please make sure to comment below. It will engage me to reply.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to access the DG Email using my email credentials.

If you are unable to use the DG email login details, please call on this number 877.463.1553 for additional support.

Does the DG Dollar General protect my security and privacy?

The employee portal DGME is safe to access. It is only available for authorized employees with valid and approved login details to access their work accounts. The company’s portal works and protects your privacy. But, you must remember to keep your login password and EID with you.

What benefits do the employees get from the 401k DGME retirement plan?

401k is the best plan for employees of Dollar General. There will be 20% to 25% of your gross income contribution over the official IRS limit. 

The investment opportunities are many, and you will have to connect to the company’s HR to get more details.

Whom should I meet in person to get a solution for the invalid credentials issue?

You could get to the Employee Resource Center ERC, your Payroll Administrator officer, or your Store Manager to finally get the solution for your issues.

What are the common problems related to the log in to the DG ME portal?

Users trying to log in to the DG ME portal from their homes have issues accessing it. You can use other browsers or update the existing ones. You would get EID issues that may not work many times while you open the portal. Some other issues I have listed below,

  • DG Employee portal not responding. 
  • The browser is not compatible with the website
  • The PIN is not working.
  • Paystub details do not load on your screen.
  • The portal may stop working.
  • You cannot find the official portal link.
  • Invalid credentials and password

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