Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. offers the customer satisfaction survey at its official website at The survey is relatively easy to complete as it simply asks you some questions about your genuine feedback. The company wants to evaluate the services it offers to the costumes, including the taste, food quality, the restaurant’s atmosphere, employee behavior, and similar points. 

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TellHappyStar customer survey is seasonal and will be active for a particular period. The company decides the right time for the customers to complete the survey, and once they meet it, the investigation begins. The company may contact the participant as per his provided contact details. If you visited any Hardee’s Carl’s Jr. restaurant, please ensure that you complete the survey. 

The sponsor of Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s customer satisfaction surveys are Carl’s Jr. company and Hardee company. The franchise includes a sports bar and restaurant and provides the highest quality food and drinks.

Why should you participate in the TellHappyStar Survey?

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Every customer who visits the store wants to access good quality food. The customers get habituated to sharing their honest gastronomic comments and experience. Even if family or friends visit any restaurant, they share their genuine experiences about the food they are eating. The restaurant wants to use this opportunity so that the clients or customers can share honest feedback about the food they are eating.

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The customers need to consider the survey an opportunity to provide honest suggestions, feedback, comments, or opinions. Once the customers take the survey, the company will learn more about the customers’ experiences and their visits. 

What are the types of questions asked in the TellHappyStar survey?

The customers will only have to answer questions about the company’s food and services. The questions will include the following,

  • Catering service-related questions.
  • The food quality.
  • Availability of the items on the menu.
  • Price of the menu items available.
  • Employee’s behavior toward the customers
  • The accuracy of the order.
  • The deadline for completing the order. 

You can only answer these questions if you visit Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. frequently. The questions will relate to your view of the store and the merchant. The other questions will include the store’s services and how the customers see them. The company wants to know about the customers and vice versa. 

TellHappyStar Survey Contact and Support

The information below will help you resolve any problem you face with the TellHappyStar survey. 

  • Hardee’s Customer Care number – 877.799.7827
  • Official Address – CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc., 6700-Tower Circle, Suite-1000, Franklin, Tennessee-37067, US
  • Phone contact number – 314.259.6200
  • Fax – 314.259.6205

TellHappyStar is an excellent customer experience survey method that allows the customers to get educated about the survey and get appreciation from the company. The customers can report the company about their opinions with the help of a Hardee survey and get a chance to win a free food challenge coupon once a month. If you are a customer, you will get rewarded for completing the TellHappsStar survey on the official survey website at The chances of winning these rewards are good if you are a customer who has visited and has something to say to the company about the food and services.