Krystal’s breakfast hours & what time does Krystal stop serving breakfast in 2024

Are you scrolling down to find Krystal’s breakfast hours? Do you want to know how long Krystal serves breakfast or when Krystals stop serving breakfast? In that case, you are in the right place. 

Here is a complete guide on Krystal’s breakfast hours, Krystal’s menu, prices, and closing hours so that you can schedule your breakfast as per your requirement. 

From traditional sandwiches to slides to beverages, you will find everything at Krystal’s restaurant. 

About Krystal Restaurant Chain

about krystal restaurant

Krystal is a renowned and large place where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with many options. Krystal is an American fast food chain renowned for its sliders, which are square hamburgers that are smaller than regular hamburgers. A first store of this chain was opened in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1932 by Rody Davenport, Jr. and J Glenn Sherrill. 

Krystal’s headquarters are located in Dunwoody, Georgia. Over 360 locations of the Krystal restaurant can be found throughout the United States. With the finest quality food and authentic taste, this Georgia-based restaurant offers a wide variety of dining options. 

With its large menu, Krystal offers everything from hamburgers to eggs to milkshakes, sandwiches, and desserts. 

Features of the Krystal’s Restaurant 

  • Krystal restaurant is in the best location where the best infrastructure can be found along with the tastiest and authentic menu. 
  • There is an ample parking area and comfortable seating at the Krystal restaurant. 
  • It is possible to pay with a credit card and there is also free Wi-Fi access available at the Krystal restaurant. 

Krystal’s Breakfast Hours 

There are many ways to enjoy Krystal’s breakfast, but often the problem occurs when people don’t know when Krystal’s starts serving breakfast and when Krystal’s stops serving breakfast.

If you fall into this category, don’t worry. We are providing you with information concerning Krystal’s breakfast hours. 

The breakfast hour at Krystal restaurant is usually similar to that of other restaurants. There are, however, certain locations in which breakfast is served quite early and ends at 11 a.m. 

Therefore, there may be some variations on Saturdays and Sundays as breakfast is only available for a short period of time. It is possible to choose the menu and order dishes as soon as the restaurant begins serving during open hours.

However, go through the serving hours of Krystal restaurant by the table height below.

DaysKrystal’s Breakfast Starting TimeKrystal’s Breakfast Ending Time
Monday5:00 A.M.11.00 A.M.
Tuesday5:00 A.M.11.00 A.M.
Wednesday 5:00 A.M.11.00 A.M.
Thursday5:00 A.M.11.00 A.M.
Friday5:00 A.M.11.00 A.M.
Saturday7:00 A.M.11.00 A.M.
Sunday7:00 A.M.11.00 A.M.

Does Krystal Serve Breakfast All Day?

The Krystals hours for breakfast are not open all day, and you can access them only for 5 to 6 hours. The Krystal breakfast bowl is usually available from 5:00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M. You can enjoy delicious and authentic food at Krystal restaurant in the early mornings. 

When Does Krystals Serve Breakfast?

when does krystals serve breakfast

If you are willing to know when Krystals will start serving breakfast, then there might be variations according to the location. The Krystal restaurant is available in 360 areas all over the USA. 

In some locations, the breakfast might start early, while in some, the breakfast starts a bit late. However, the usual Krystals breakfast time is from 5:00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M. on weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The timing of Krystal’s breakfast is 7:00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M.

What Time Does Krystals Stop Serving Breakfast?

what time does krystals stop serving breakfast

What do you want to do when Krystal stops serving breakfast? The Krystal restaurant doesn’t follow the same time to serve breakfast, but the closing time for all the locations is the same, which is 11.00 A.M.

List of Breakfast Deals at Krystals in 2024

Are you looking for Krystal’s breakfast menu and the Krystal breakfast menu prices? Then there are the brief guidelines about the Krystals breakfast price and Krystals allergen menu. 

krystals breakfast menu

Go through this guide and learn about the Krystal menu in detail. 

Krystals Breakfast Menu

Krystals Breakfast MenuCost ($)
Original combo of scrambler $4.99
Low carb combo of scrambler$3.99
Sausage Gravy scrambler$4.69
Three egg breakfast$4.99
Breakfast biscuit combo $3.99
Sandwich combo$3.99
Chik Biscuit $3.99


Slides MenuCost
French fries  (small)$1.59
French fries  (medium)$1.99
French fries  (large)$2.19
Chili cheese fries $2.89
Hashbrown crispers$0.99
Chili Bowl $2.39

Krystals Happy Hour

12 Krystals sackful combo $13.49
Krystal burgers 12 PC$8.99
Cheese Krystal burger 12 PC $10.99
Krystal burger 24 pc$16.99
Cheese Crystal burger 24 PC$19.99
Krystals burger 48 pc$31.99
Wings 12 pc$8.99
Wings 24 pc$16.99
Wings 48 pc$31.99

Combos Krystal Menu

Menu Price 
3- chicks combo$5.99
3-pumps combo $5.99
Corn pup$1.39
Wings Combo 6 pcs$6.99

Kids Meals

Krystal Kids  burger meal $3.49
Krystal Kids  burger meal $3.49
Pup meal $3.49

Krystal’s Fast Food Combo

Four original Krystal combo  $5.69
Three double Krystal combo  $6.29
Three triple Krystal combo  $6.99
Five loaded Krystal combo  $6.29


Menu Prices
Soft drinks small$1.59
Soft drinks medium $1.79
Soft drinks large$1.99
Ice tea small$1.59
Ice tea medium$1.79
Ice tea large$1.99
Tea $2.49
Coffee $1.39
Orange juice$1.59
Bottle water$1.59
Arctic bottle$2.19

What is Krystal’s Scrambler?

Krystal comes with a loaded pair of Krystal breakfast bowls. It is available on Krystal breakfast. This dish includes-

  • Freshly eggs
  • Cheese
  • Sausage 
  • And signature savory kryspers,  

Is Krystals Open 24 Hours?

Yes, the Krystal restaurant is open 24 hours, but the visitors can enjoy Krystal breakfast bowls only from 5:00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M. After which, you can enjoy other snacks. 

The Krystal Breakfast Hours on Holidays in 2024

krystal holidays breakfast hours

The Krystal breakfast hours might deteriorate on holidays. However, here is the opening and closing time of Krystal restaurant on holidays.

Krystal holidaysOpening timeClosing time
New year day5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Martin Luther King Jr Day5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Valentine Day 5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
President days5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Mardi Fat Tuesday5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
St Patrick Day5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Good Friday 5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Easter Monday5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Cinco  de mayo5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Memorial Day5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Independence Day5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Labor Day5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Columbus Day5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Halloween Days5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Veteran Day5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
Black Friday5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
A day before Christmas5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.
New year’s eve5:00 A.M.1:00 A.M.

On which holiday the Krystal restaurant is closed?

The Krystal restaurant is closed on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.

Krystal Restaurant Customer Services

If you have any queries related to Krystal restaurant, timing, menu, or any other, then you can contact the customer service of Krystal restaurant through one of the ways listed below-


This guide gives you a brief idea about the Krystal restaurant, its opening and closing time, menu, and much more. Although we have tried to solve all the queries, if you have any, then feel free to contact the customer care team of Krystal restaurants. 


Does Krystal’s restaurant serve hot dog beef?

Yes!! You can find hot dog beefs served with soft and square buns. In Krystal, you will get 100% of two cooked USDA beef hamburgers separated by the additional slice of bun.

How many burgers can a person eat at Krystal restaurant?

The hamburgers are small so that you can have as many. But it is best not to go beyond 3 to 4 burgers simultaneously.

Has Krystal restaurant modified its fries?

The Krystal restaurant is upgrading the fries by trying out some new species to give them a unique and symbolized authentic taste. However, the fresh fries blend salt, pepper, spice paprika, or other species.

Is the Krystal restaurant burger steamed?

You will find burgers of so many types but what makes Krystal restaurant burgers different is that they are steam cooked, giving a unique soupy texture to the burger. 

Does Krystal still have an offer of 5 for 5?

Yes!! The Krystal restaurant offers you 5 for five offers. You need to pick five popular deals and get 5 for free.

How many calories does the Krystal scrambler contain?

The Krystal scrambler contains 340 calories.

How giant is the Krystal burger?

The Krystal burgers are square and are 21U2 inches long.

How much does the 12-crystal combo cost?

The price of the 12-crystal combo is $13.49.

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