Common Questions

The main objective of conducting the TellHappyStar customer survey is to collect different opinions of the customers, their comments, ideas, and thoughts that help the company to develop new services. Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s USA survey aims to improve customer service, the food, tastes, and all the other weak aspects. The easiest way to participate in the survey is to visit the website.

about carls jr is a verification survey that helps the company collect the necessary information about the experience of the customers’ recent visit and overall dining experience at one of the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. The questions will be related to the food quality and what the customers think about the services of Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s restaurant or outlet. 

TellHappyStar is a customer experience survey that is entirely available online. It ensures that the customers get educated and get appreciation. Customers need to report the latest visit to the restaurant at any Hardee with the help of this survey. With the Hardee survey, the customers can get a chance to win free food for their next visit. 

Commonly Asked Questions about TellHappyStar Survey

tellhappystar survey

What are the rules for TellHappyStar Survey participation?

  • The people who participate must be 18 years old and above. 
  • The survey is valid for US citizens only. 
  • After getting your rewards, you can post your comments. 
  • The company has prohibited giving the prize to any other person.
  • The employees of the organization cannot participate in the survey.

What are the TellHappyStar Customer Survey requirements?

  • With a valid receipt, you can complete the survey of Carl’s Jr. restaurant and Hardee’s. 
  • You must use any mobile, PC, or tablet to connect to the survey website.
  • You must connect your device to a reliable internet connection. 
  • The time to complete the customer survey will be only 5 to 10 minutes. 
  • Please choose the appropriate language for the survey from English or Spanish.
  • You must provide your email and phone number to get the coupon code. 

Can I participate in the survey without purchasing at Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. stores?

You can participate in many online surveys using your mobile phone or email. But Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. only offer you only the online portal to take the survey. The survey is available if you have a valid receipt with a survey invitation. Thus, it would help if you first visited any restaurants and then shopped for items. After that, you will get the receipt to participate in the survey online. 

Can I redeem the validation code at the exact location of the restaurant with the receipt?

No. You can go to a different location to get the verification code. But any of the Hardee and Carl stores will work. 

Can I redeem the offer in cash?

TellHappyStar is a survey aiming only to find discounts and offer customers a chance to win amazing deals and gift cards. 

You would not want to say no to the delicious burger such as Monster Thick and the signature dish Baked Buns, right?

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. is a crucial survey to take if you like fast food. If you are interested in helping the company improve its food quality and services, then the TellHappyStar survey is a great way to let the company know about your thoughts.