Jack In The Box Survey at Jackslistens.smg.com [2024]

If you like eating fast food at Jack in the Box chain restaurants, there is good news for you. You can take a Jack Listens Customer survey at Jackslistens.Smg.Com and win amazing rewards. Taking the Jackslistens.Smg.Com survey is simple, but before taking the survey, you need to know about what you can win at the end of the survey. Also, you need to know the steps, requirements, rules, and other details to take the survey without any problem quickly. 

The survey on Jacklistens.Smg.Com is about finding out how customers feel about the restaurant and its food. Jack listens if you want to share your opinion or feedback about the food quality after your recent visit. Smg is the best survey platform to do it. At the end of the Jack Listens Customer Survey, you will get a code as a reward which you can use to get food items at discounted prices or free upon your next visit.

In today’s article, we will explore a step by step instructions on how to take the Jack’s survey and win amazing rewards. I will tell you which things you need to take care of while taking the survey through its rules, requirements, contact details, and frequently asked questions. Before starting the survey, I encourage you to know what it is about.

What is Jack Listens Survey?

what is jack listens survey

Jack in the Box values all its customers’ opinions and always strives to improve its services based on their feedback. The company has designed a customer satisfaction survey platform at Jack Listens website where the customers can share their real experiences with the restaurant. The company will collect feedback from its loyal customers and provide them with a better experience on their future visits.

The purpose of connecting the survey is to give the customer the best food and services possible. If you are not happy about the quality, the restaurant’s environment, customer services, or any other aspect of the company, then you can honestly speak about the issues you faced when you visited the restaurant. The experts will listen and learn from your feedback and try to make necessary store changes to give the best experience next time.

The survey questions will be related to your most recent experience. And the company expects you to give only honest and verifiable answers. Now you know what the Jack Listens.Smg.Com survey is about, so let us know what rewards you stand to win.

Jack’s Survey Rewards

We have seen what the Jack In The Box Customer Survey is about in the previous point; now, you should know what you stand to win by participating in the survey. Once you complete Jack’s survey, the company gives you a unique code for various benefits from Jack’s family restaurants. You have to use this code as early as possible because it comes with an expiry.

Customers get the reward code at the end of the survey, and the company frequently changes the reward amount or discount rates. So, if you have a receipt of a recent purchase with a survey invitation, you’ll find the details and the reward amount printed on it. But, more than the reward amount, you should consider giving accurate answers to the survey questions.

Now, with all the information explained above, let us start learning about your requirements before taking the survey.

Requirements to Participate in Jack Listens Survey. 

  • You must have a good, uninterrupted, and stable internet connection. 
  • Before taking the survey, keep the latest purchase receipt with you. 
  • You can take the survey on your computer or mobile devices.
  • Use the latest browser to open the Jacklistens.Smg.Com website.

The above requirements are fundamental, and you need to fulfill them. Now, there are some survey rules that you need to be aware of. You can read them in the following point.

Rules to Take Jack’s Survey

  • You must have a recent (latest) Jack in the Box receipt with a survey invitation code.
  • You must be a legal citizen of the United States. You should stop taking the survey if you are from another country.
  • Those Under 18 years cannot participate in the survey.
  • You can take the survey in two languages which are Spanish or English.
  • Jack in the Box does not allow you to transfer the reward/prize code amount. 
  • You can only participate in the survey with limited attempts mentioned on the company website. 
  • All the questions are compulsory, so attend them all. 
  • Employees of Jack in the Box can only participate in the customer survey.
  • The survey is only available online on the company’s official website at Jacklistens.Smg.Com.

Only by following all the above rules can you participate in the survey. Since you are clear with the waters you must follow, let me explain how to take the Jacklistens survey online. Let’s learn how to take the Jack Listens survey using Jackslistens.smg.com in 2024.

How to Take the Jackslistens.Smg.Com Survey?

After fulfilling the rules and requirements mentioned above, you can easily take the customer survey online at Jacklistens.Smg.Com website. Please follow the pillow steps to ensure everything runs smoothly during the survey.

jack listens survey
  • The first step is visiting Jack Listens’s official survey website
  • You can access the survey website on your computer/smartphone with a stable internet connection.
  • Now, please choose the survey language you are most comfortable with. 
  • You will have two options, “Take Survey” and “Continue,” on your screen. If you have Jack’s receipt, please choose the first option; if you do not, choose the second option.
  • Now click on the “Take Survey” option. Check your receipt to find the 14 digit code printed on it.
  • Enter the survey code in the given blank and click the “Start” button to proceed.
  • After entering the survey code, survey question page will be open on your screen.
  • The survey will ask you the question related to your experience with one of the company’s restaurants.
  • Then you have to provide your general feedback on different aspects of Jack’s, such as advertising, online ordering, smartphone application, loyalty, the suggestion of new locations, and similar.
  • You have to continue answering the questions depending on what you choose from the given options.
  • You must answer all the questions honestly because the company may verify them.
  • Based on the authenticity and trustworthiness of the answers, the experts will consider changing or updating the services.
  • After completing the survey questions, you will be asked to provide your personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number. This information will be only helpful for the company to notify you if you win the prize.
  • Ensure that all the information you provide is correct.
  • After you provide your personal information, the final step will be to submit your survey request. Just go over to the “Submit” button and click on it. After clicking that button, you will enter the survey prize draw.
  • At the end of the Jack Listens Survey, the company will provide you with a code as a token of appreciation. You can redeem this code at any participating Jack in the Box.

Contact Details 

You might face some technical problems while taking the Jacklistens Smg Com survey. No need to worry, as I have listed the contact information of Jack in the Box, which will help you reach out to the official company representatives. They will help you resolve any issue that you are facing. You can share with them what you’re facing, and they will give you instructions.

  • Contact Number: +1-800-378-5225
  • Official Survey Website: Jackslistens.smg.com
  • Official Jack in the Box Website: https://www.jackinthebox.com

Please use the mentioned contact details to resolve your queries or technical troubles. The team will help you resolve all your problems.


Jackslistens.Smg.Com survey is an excellent attempt at engaging the customers by asking them their opinion about the food and services Jack in the Box offers. It is a perfect chance for customers to express their thoughts on many aspects of the company. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to complete the survey and get your reward code. The best thing would be to write that code on the receipt and take it to the participating company restaurants.

You can post your comments if you want to contact me to resolve any doubts or share your feedback or suggestions.


I need help opening the Jacklistens Survey website. What should I do?

First, you must check the internet to see if it is working correctly. If it does not work, please reset and reconnect it. Then, you can refresh your website, change your device or refresh the page. If all fails, you can use the contact details provided in the above point.

Can I still take the survey on Jacksfeedback.Smg.Com?

Yes, jacksfeedback.smg.com is an alternate website for taking the survey. They both lead to the same websites.

Is the Jacks Listens survey compulsory?

No. Jacks Listens survey is entirely upon the choice of the customers. If they want to take it, they can; otherwise, they can skip it. But there are more benefits in taking the survey than skipping it.

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